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Building Better High-Performance Homes Since 2004

Green home building is so much more than sustainable materials and environmentally-friendly practices. The same materials and practices that make a home eco-friendly also make your home more comfortable, healthier with cleaner air, operate more energy-efficiently, and low maintenance.

Hibbs Homes was founded in 2004 with the promise of building better homes. That promise is why we've based all of our building processes, practices, and materials on high-performance building standards. Every home we build is above code and exceeds the highest standards of craftsmanship in every detail.

Hibbs Homes is nationally recognized as an industry leader in green home building, which is why we were named Missouri's Best Energy Efficient Home Builder two years in a row by BUILD Magazine and have been the recipient of the "Most Advanced Home" award from the St Louis Home Builders Association. 

Healthy Home Builder

Cleaner + Healthier Indoor Air

Energy Efficient Home Builder

Quieter + Comfortable Living

Maintenance-Free Home Builder

Durable + Low Maintenance

Why Should I Build a Green Home?

A green home is, by design, a better-built home because it relies on higher-performing materials and practices to provide more durability and better energy efficiency - reducing waste and your cost for utilities and maintenance. The benefits of sustainable home building go beyond lowering your home's environmental impact. When you build green, you are making an investment in a higher-quality home that provides you with:

    • A more comfortable home with lower utility costs.
    • Increased durability and fewer maintenance costs.
    • Cleaner, healthier indoor air quality. 
    • Higher resale values.

From creating a healthier home for family members with allergies or asthma to building a home an energy-efficient home to proactively manage utility costs, our clients have chosen to build a custom green home for a variety of reasons. But when it comes down to it, every client is amazed at the quality, cost savings, and comfort you can only find in a Better-Built Custom Home. 

St Louis' Leading Green Home Builder

Since completing one of the region's first gold-level green-verified home through the St Louis Home Builders Association, we have built more than 100 high-performing homes throughout the greater St Louis area. 

In 2012, Hibbs Homes teamed up with the Belgium-based Active House Alliance to build the first Active House in North America. Built in Webster Groves, MO, this home serves as a prototype that met and exceeded four major North American building certifications: The National Green Building Standard, Energy STAR, EPA Indoor airPlus, and the Building America Builders Challenge. 

As one of the leading high-performance home builders in St Louis, we continue to partner with organizations to help move green building standards forward.