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Hibbs Homes specializes in building custom high-performance homes. We build every home with advanced building techniques and specialized materials that are more durable and energy efficient, which means your home is well above code and exceeds many national standards for green and sustainable building.

High-performance homes are designed and built to be more comfortable, healthy, and durable while also being kinder to the environment.

Green Home Building - Benefits That Last a Lifetime

Healthy Home Builder

Cleaner + Healthier Indoor Air

Materials with low-VOCs - volatile organic compounds are gasses emitted over time by chemicals used in the production process - reduce the number of manufacturing pollutants released in the air of your home over time. Your home's thermal envelope also prevents indoor air pollutants and allergens from getting inside. High-efficiency HVAC systems utilize advanced filtering technology to remove dust, mold, allergens, soot from wildfires, and bacteria from the air as it cycles throughout your home. This holistic approach to air quality means the air inside your home is free of irritants and chemicals - it's a difference you immediately experience when entering a Hibbs Healthy Home.

Quieter + Comfortable Living

Energy efficiency and year-round comfort, room to room and floor to floor. Green homes are more comfortable than conventionally built new homes because of a building approach that includes a properly sized, high-efficiency HVAC system to keep your temperature inside comfortable without waste. Using higher quality insulation not only prevents air leaks and creates an overall quieter home.

Energy Efficient Home Builder
Maintenance-Free Home Builder

Durable + Low Maintenance

Sustainable design and building practices balance the current and future impact the home has on the owners and environment. Sustainable homes are intentionally built with materials meant to withstand the tests of weather and time. Built above code and with an eye towards a low-impact future reduces the need for renovations or major repairs over the lifetime of the home.

The Hibbs Healthy Homes Standard focuses on the most important, high-performance materials and processes. Our homes' thermal envelopes, sealing, and air exchange systems are designed to work together to create cleaner air, more durability, and a quieter home.  that are often not available to conventionally-built and production homes.

We build better homes using quality and craftsmanship standards rooted in the most advanced building science that make our homes healthier and more comfortable to live in for a lifetime.

Green home built by Hibbs Homes

Healthier Homes in Park City, UT

While we do not require our homeowners to undergo formal certification, Hibbs Healthy Homes Standards meet or exceed the national and state standards for green-certified homes. 

Hibbs Homes has been recognized as:

All of the home building materials, systems, and construction practices we rely on ensure that your home is built to meet or exceed nationally recognized green home building standards - even if you choose not to undergo a green home certification process.

Hibbs Homes is proud to be a RESNET-certified builder, which means every home we build is independently tested and measured for quality craftsmanship and energy efficient performance.


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