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Hibbs Homes is a full-service home builder in Utah specializing in high-performance custom homes. We've never built the same home twice, and we work with you to design and build your home on your land.

We are a nationally-recognized leader known for building homes that are measurably more durable, comfortable, energy-efficient, and healthier than conventional and pre-owned homes.

Our proven processes are the foundation of an outstanding luxury home building experience, starting with our Planning Process.

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See inside some of the innovative, unique new home designs that the Hibbs Homes team has built. Our curated custom homes vary in style, size, form, and function because every home is designed around our clients' vision and goals. Get inspired for your new home construction project by exploring our floor plan library and gallery of recent projects.

  • We wanted to design a home where we could spend time together, a place where we could unwind from the stress of our day-to-day lives

— Barbara & Chris,
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As a dedicated custom home builder, we build on lots owned by our clients throughout Northern Utah. If you want to build a custom designed home, we will work with your architect to plan a home that is unique to your land - whether it is a design to frame your mountain view or to take advantage of ski-out access. Our team can visit lots for sale with you and help you find property to fit with your plans and goals.

  • With Kim's help we were able to better understand building restrictions in our location of interest and what that meant for lot size. That allowed us to hone in our target lot size, figure out prices paid by other builders, and be prepared should an opportunity present itself. Kim happened upon a lot that fit all of our criteria and that prior preparation allowed us to move quickly to secure the lot.

— Kevin M.

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Custom Home Built by Hibbs Homes in Woodland Hills, UT


Our approach to home building is built on unmatched communication and experience. Our commitment to excellence and proven processes have made us one of the best home builders in Utah.

Because communication is the foundation of an exceptional home building experience, we provide you with access to an online dashboard where you can easily monitor the progress of your project and communicate with our building team.

  • The team at Hibbs Homes has provided us with excellent service in the process of building out our home. They are extremely informative and definitely know their stuff inside in out. It was awesome having their team walk us through every step of the process!

— Bryan Fernandez,
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To build a new home in Northern Utah you must hire a Utah licensed builder. The Utah B100 DOPL number shows that Hibbs Homes has undergone the certification process and met the educational requirements to build in Northern Utah.

Hibbs Homes is an active member of the Park City Home Builders Association and the National Association of Home Builders, where President Kim Hibbs serves on the national custom home builders board.


Member of Park City Home Builders Association

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Hear from our homeowners...

Since 2004, we've worked closely with families across the St. Louis region, helping them to design and build their dream homes in their dream locations. From our first meeting to our final walk-through, each client works closely with the same team to guide them through the process. It is this close partnership and support that we provide that allows us to deliver a custom home that fulfills their vision.

We truly become your partner and advocate during your custom home construction project. Several of our clients have remained in contact with us to give us updates on their homes and share their energy-efficiency cost savings over the years. We've worked with clients to build a second home due to relocation and find that a lot of our business comes from referrals.

  • When you build a custom home, communication is the key to eliminating the stress. That's what we appreciated the most. Hibbs Homes is exceptional at that part of the process.

— Vandeven Family


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Hibbs Homes is a Luxury Custom Home Builder in Park City, UT

Hibbs Homes is one of Utah's select high-performance home builders that is 100% dedicated to custom building. Our proven process for building luxury homes that are unique and perform measurably higher than other homes is built from the experience that comes from focusing on this building niche.

We've been building custom homes since 2004 using the standards for high-performance building. Your luxury mountain home is crafted by a team with decades of experience creating homes with fine mountain living in mind.

Building a New Home in Park City, UT

The housing market in Northern Utah is one of the hottest in the country because of the area's continued growth in job opportunities and year-round outdoor recreation. Competition in the housing market has driven up the cost of existing homes and created so much pent-up demand that many people relocating to the region have discovered that building a custom home is the preferred way to get the exact home they want in the exact location they want to live.

We are one of the few buildings who focus exclusively on building custom homes, and we have worked with homebuyers who are relocating to Utah to for job opportunities and residents who want to build the perfect vacation home in the mountain. Building a custom home is the solution for many Utahans in an increasingly competitive housing market.

We build new homes throughout the Wasatch Back that offer easy access to the world-famous Park City, Deer Valley, and Canyon Ski Resorts. If you're planning to build a new home in Summit and Wasatch County, Hibbs Homes has the experienced team that can help you get started.

Build a House on Your Land in Northern Utah

Building your dream home starts with finding the right piece of land in the right community and then designing a home that will last a lifetime. We partner with many outstanding architects and designers in Salt Lake City and Park City to design custom luxury homes curated and crafted for your lifestyle and your land. Whether it is a well-appointed Modern Mountain Home in the Red Ledges or a Rambler in Hideout, we can help you build a home inspired by the mountains and your goals.

Hibbs Homes can introduce you to any of our list of Park City Realtor® partners who specialize in finding land for new home construction. They can help you buy land for building a home in many of the resort-style communities throughout the Park City area, or they can help you find a private lot with a stretch of acreage. We will help you build your home on your land. 

As competition in Northern Utah's real estate market remains heavy, our real estate partners and our home building team have relationships throughout the area and can often help you find land opportunities not available on the MLS. 

Once you’ve found the right piece of land to build your home, a member of the Hibbs Custom Homes building team can walk the lot with you to assess the condition and share recommendations for the home design process. We’ll then work with your architect of choice to address the topography of the lot, utility connections, and placement of your home. Having the Hibbs Homes team involved in the design process is ensures your home will make the most of the outstanding views you can only find in Northern Utah, and also makes sure your project meets your timeline and construction investment goals.

Cost to Build a Custom Home in Utah

As a dedicated custom home builder, Hibbs Homes understands the unique opportunities and challenges that come with building from never before implemented drawings. The advantage this experience brings can go a long ways towards managing the costs for building a custom home. From value engineering your floor plan and reducing waste to positioning your home on the land to take advantage of a pristine mountain view - our new home construction team is ready to help you make the most of your new home investment.

We recommend choosing a home builder as early in the process as possible to save time and money. In fact, many architects & designers prefer to have a custom home builder at the table from the beginning of the home design process because they can help make decisions that are in line with the current home construction market. Finding an experienced new home builder that you can communicate easily with will make your home building journey more rewarding and enjoyable over the long run.

Green Home Builder in Park City, Utah

At Hibbs Homes, every home we build seamlessly integrates high-performance materials and practices - which means your home is more efficient, more comfortable to live in, and requires less maintenance than pre-owned and conventionally built homes. 

As an industry leading green home builder, Hibbs Homes has worked with clients to build highly efficient, fully certified green homes. However, not every client is required to certify their homes and some of our clients have chosen to integrate a number of additional sustainable home features into their home’s design to boost the already outstanding performance.

  • SOLAR PANELS - Solar panels use the sun’s ultraviolet rays to generate energy. By utilizing solar panels to power your home, you’ll realize a significant decrease in your monthly utility costs. There are a great number of incentives at the federal and local levels to offset the cost of installing solar panels on your custom home. Another option that we offer our clients is building a home that is “Solar Ready” - meaning that the infrastructure is in place to add solar panels at a future date with minimal modification.
  • ENERGY-EFFICIENT WINDOWS - Windows are one of the most important elements of an energy-efficient custom home.  We will guide you through the window selection process in order to prevent heat loss or gain that would impact the performance of your home. One option to consider is the installation of energy-saving blinds that can be set on a schedule, so you won’t have your blinds open during the hottest parts of the summer.
  • SMART THERMOSTATS Smart thermostats are essential when it comes to saving energy. Instead of having your thermostat set to the same temperature day and night when you don’t necessarily need it, you can set a schedule to have it heat or cool the home when you’re home. This means it won’t run as much when you’re away at work all day. This all translates to lower electric bills.
  • INSULATION - The use of high-performance insulation in our custom homes reduces and controls the exchange of air between the inside to the outside. By controlling the exchange of hot and cold air, the home maintains a more consistent temperature creating a more comfortable living environment while reducing the use of your HVAC system.

Our integrated approach to creating better-built homes relies on proven processes and best practices for building that include:

  • Fewer air leaks and drafts due to our comprehensive air sealing, higher-performing doors and windows, and high-quality insulation.
  • More comfortable, consistent temperatures throughout the entire house, room-to-room, floor-to-floor
  • Higher durability water management system, including components such as flashing, moisture barriers, and heavy-duty membranes.
  • Better indoor air quality because of the tighter building envelope and a high-performance air filter that reduces dust, pollen, viruses, and allergens.

Hibbs Homes Proven Process for New Home Construction

If you're ready to build a home on your land with your floor plans in Northern Utah, Hibbs Homes is here to guide you through the first steps of the home building process through moving day. Since 2004, we have partnered with clients to build truly unique, truly custom homes for today and tomorrow - homes that fit their lifestyles and their dreams. We encourage you to reach out to a variety of general contractors in to discover where you can find the best home building options for your needs. 

The earlier you enlist a general contractor for your home building project, the more time and money you will save. Hibbs Homes has an experienced home building team that is ready to help you navigate the process from lot selection and design through closing and warranty, and we will ensure you have an exceptional home building experience. Building your dream home should be a fun process, and working with a home builder who will be your advocate and partner is the best place to start that journey.

We look forward to working with you to help you make your dream home a reality!